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Two of the superb fencing choices for homeowners are iron and wood. The materials have been used for ages, and most people seem to love them even today. And what is there not to love about these fencing materials? They are durable, attractive, and give your home just the oomph it needs. 

But before you hire the best fence company Beaumont, TX, to install these fences for your home, it is important to know their features and determine if this is the style you are looking for.

Features of Wood Fences

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Wood fences are an amazing option for people who are on the lookout for cost-effective fencing solutions that do the job without taking too much maintenance. These fences also blend well into the surroundings since they have a neutral color. 

Back in the day, you could only find wooden fences in a few colors. Today, there is a wide variety of colors and wood types. Let’s just say that you will be spoilt for choice. Here are some features of wood fences that set them apart from other materials:

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Variety of Styles

If you live in a neighborhood where a lot of other people also have wooden fences in their homes, you may not want your home to look too similar to theirs. After all, some people are drawn to uniqueness. 

In that case, you are lucky because wooden fences come in a variety of styles now. For instance, you can choose different wood styles, such as red cedar and Ecolife wood. You can also choose the design you prefer. Some examples include: 

  • Paddock 
  • Stockade 
  • Picket 
  • Spaced board 
  • Board on board 
  • Split rail 

Whichever design you choose, your fence will look stellar since wood just has an organic beauty to it that is hard to get with other materials.


Most homeowners are drawn to wooden fences because it is quite easy to customize them. For example, you can choose to do any of the following with a wooden fence: 

  • Make it match the surroundings
  • Have a higher height to improve the level of privacy you get 
  • Get a wooden gate for your yard or driveway 
  • Stain the wood panels to the color of your choice 
  • Mount flower boxes onto the fence rails to add an aesthetic appeal to the front of your home 

Needless to say, your options are limitless. Moreover, many wood panel designs are readily available in the market these days, so you do not have to wait weeks for your desired design to be made.

Ease of Installation

Another benefit of wooden fences is that they are very easy to install. Traditionally, many people used to install wooden fences themselves since they knew their way around tools. However, you do not have to take on this hassle yourself anymore since Beaumont Fencing Co is just a call away. 

Get in touch with us to talk to a representative about our wood fencing solutions.


Wood is also an environment-friendly option, which is why it is still one of the first choices when people are looking for the best fencing options for their homes. If you are environmentally conscious and want to make the most sustainable choice, opt for wooden fencing around your home. 

Since wood is disposed of easily, you will not be increasing your carbon footprint with this decision.


When you decide to get fencing for your home, you should be prepared to spend quite some money. However, you do not always have to put too much pressure on your pocket to meet your fencing needs. 

Wooden fences are comparatively cheaper than aluminum and wrought iron fences. It is also more affordable to maintain these fences since you just need to clean them with a scrubbing brush and water.

Easy to Stain

One of the major benefits of choosing wood as your designated fencing material is that it is easy to stain. Thus, you can get the benefits of wood while making your fence any color you want. 

If you want to match your fence to the surroundings or give it a brighter appearance, you can get it stained. Staining also has the following benefits: 

  • In some cases, it helps prevent splitting in the wooden fence. 
  • It also minimizes rotting and keeps your fence rot-free for a long time. 
  • It prevents the color from fading and also keeps the fence safe from UV damage.
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Features of Iron Fencing Beaumont TX

Not everyone is a fan of wooden fences. If you can relate, you might be more interested in getting iron fences for your home. Not many fence companies Beaumont TX offer iron fencing services. Even those who do may not offer a variety of designs and iron types. 

However, at Beaumont Fencing Co, our expertise in installing iron fences is unmatched by any other contractor in the region. Here are some reasons homeowners prefer wrought iron fences over other materials.

Suitable for Pets and Kids

If you have kids and pets at home, you would want your fence to be more secure than fences traditionally are. Since wrought iron fences feature vertical pickets, they are more suitable for homes with children than  the fences that have horizontal pickets. 

Fences with horizontal pickets often have gaps between them that children can climb and get their feet stuck in. Your four-legged little friend might also use the horizontal pickets as a ladder to climb off the fence out of the house. 

On the other hand, a wrought iron fence with vertical pickets gives more security for your little ones.

Highly Secure

Wrought iron fences are not only safe for your kids but also keep your home secure against intruders. They are hard to climb and the sharp tips of the iron top ensure that no one even tries to get in. 

In some cases, criminals may even break down fences, especially the ones made of wood. However, cutting through a wrought iron fence is impossible unless someone is using a heavy-duty machinery. 

So, iron fences tend to be more secure, especially if you live in neighborhoods with a high crime rate.

Little Maintenance

As expected, wrought iron fences last a long time without requiring much maintenance. Since iron cannot rot like wood, the material is long-lasting.

However, keep in mind that iron can rust, especially if it is exposed to high humidity and rain. Therefore, you should sand the fence if you see rust.

Aesthetic Beauty

A beautifully designed wrought iron fence also increases the curb appeal of your home ten fold. Nowadays, iron fences come in a number of different designs, which means you can go as overboard or stay as subtle as you want. 

Depending on the design, a wrought iron fence may also make your front yard seem bigger than it is.

Ductile Material

Wrought iron is a ductile material, which means it can be molded into any shape. That is why you see wrought iron fences in so many different designs.


The Fence Contractors Beaumont TX Experts

Wood fences certainly are harder to maintain than other materials since they are susceptible to rotting. On top of that, a change in weather can also affect the wood. However, if you clean the fence every day and look out for signs of insect infestation or rot, you should not have much of a problem.

Typically, a wooden fence can last for 15 years. If you maintain it properly and take good care of it, the fence may even last for 20 years or longer.

It depends on the recommendations of the manufacturers since the frequency differs from one wood type and one manufacturer to another. However, as a general rule of thumb, a wooden fence should be sealed every two to three years and stained every five years.

Wrought iron is a strong and durable material, which means an iron fence can last for about 20 years. However, if it is made of cast-iron and is maintained properly, it could last a lifetime too.

You should keep the fence clean by washing it with warm soapy water if you notice any dirt on it. Additionally, if there are any rust spots on the fence, scrub them off before they can penetrate any further. For the narrower spots, use a toothbrush or a small brush that can get into the crevices.

Wrought iron’s carbon content is higher than pure iron. That is why it is naturally better protected against rusting. However, it can still rust over time. To prevent this, paint your iron fence with rust-resistant paint. Also, keep the trees and bushes away from the iron fence. 

During the fall season, clear leaves from the fence surrounding. 

After you clean the iron fence, make sure you dry it properly. Otherwise, the moisture could lead to rusting.

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